3D Collection

The 3D Collection is a collection of physical objects that have been transformed into 3D models. The objects chosen and presented by each creator are the ones that gained value during the Covid-19 pandemic and served as coping mechanisms in the new and unexpected circumstances. Explore the 3D models and their role in the creators’ life.

Scented Candle
by Mark Versbach
JBL Wireless Headphones
By Nika Music
"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" Book
By Céline Lanneau
Meditation Pillow
By Marc Boas
Asics Running Shoes
By Frederique Koenders
Olympus Camera
By Zihe Xu
Harry Potter Board Game
By Camila Valgas
By Katerina Alexopoulou
Catan Card Game
By Eleni Balaska
Wooden IQ Puzzle
By Eirini Skarlataki
Vintage Pentax Photo Camera
By Rebecca Haselhoff
A Bullet Journal
By Julia Grijspaardt
Banana Bread
By Lisa Klöcker
The Peruvian Mate Cup
By Lucia del Pilar Chirinos Franco
Jigsaw Puzzle
By Mengxin Wang
The Jupiler Bottle Opener
By Thomas Mormont
Instax Mini 9 Polaroid Camera
By Hannah Stumpf
Notepaper Brick from The Palace Museum
By Jingwen Chen
"A Feast for Crows" Book
By Qinwen Zeng
Hand Creams
By Serena Huang
Black Oysho Running Shoes
By Leah Buchholz
Horse Rider Miniature
By Thomas Papatzikas
Spiritual Stone
By Desi Pavlova
Watercolour Set
By Nina Koziolek
Granite Mortar and Pestle
By Rhys Shurey
Chinese Herbal Medicine
By Mingshu Yang
By Letizia Gallo